I'm a Multidisciplinary Designer with a wide skillset across Web Design and Development, building Digital Experiences that feel just right.

Design is more than the way we decide to lay things out. It's communication and I'm helping to create a language that is instantly intuitive, friendly and approachable.

Before moving to USA in 2021, I lived several countries and cities through out the 2010s. From Oulu, Finland to Crete, Greece, I have had the fortune to meet people from all kinds of cultures, igniting my curiosity for visual communication.

When I was 10 years old, I attended a summer camp where we got to play around with Macromedia Flash. This was the first time I dabbled with digital art. I began creating animations that became increasingly complex as time went on. I learned about all the different avenues of multimedia by creating short films with friends and by composing songs.

I began my college years studying Digital Media, a multidisciplinary program of Audiovisual Communications. After the first year, I knew I wanted to direct my focus on UX and Web. After I graduated in 2012, I became a sole proprietor and began my career as a Freelance Designer. For the next few years, I would pick up website projects here and there.

As I grew and my skills across different digital mediums increased, I decided to take a leap and see what I could become in my second home, America.

Soon after moving the US, I completed a Coding Bootcamp from Vanderbilt University, where I learned how to write elegant Javascript, work with Bootstrap and build interactive websites with Node. This gave me more foundational knowledge in Web Development, which aided me in becoming what I am today.

In 2022, I joined Specialty Dental Brands, a rapidly growing Dental Support Organization aiming to revolutionize Dental Healthcare through a strong network of individually branded practices. At Specialty Dental Brands, I directly developed a streamlined design process that efficiently produced websites that repeatedly ranked at the top of search engines and with outstanding client satisfaction.

Happy Clients Since 2012