Nice to Meet You!

I'm Benjamin. Welcome to my portfolio.
I began my college years studying Digital Media, a multidisciplinary program in Audiovisual Communications. I focused on UX and Web Design. After graduation I became a freelance Web Designer. As I grew and my skills across different digital mediums increased, I decided to take a leap and see what I could become in my second home, America.
After moving to the US, I got my Full Stack Certification from Vanderbilt University, which taught me how to write elegant Javascript, work with Bootstrap and build interactive websites with Node. This gave me foundational knowledge in Web Development, further deepening my web expertise.
In 2022 I joined Specialty Dental Brands, a rapidly growing Dental Support Organization aiming to revolutionize Dental Healthcare through a strong network of individually branded practices. I directly developed a streamlined design process that efficiently produced websites that repeatedly ranked at the top of search engines and with outstanding client satisfaction.

Real design is more than the way we lay things out. It's How We  communicate.

I'm building a language that is instantly intuitive, friendly and approachable.


I know that time is valuable. That's why you can rest assured that not only will the end result of your project be incredible, it will be achieved without hassle, efficiently and without sacrificing from quality.


Nothing is more important to me than the relationship I have with my clients. I have nothing but respect for a client that trusts me with the success of their business.


Nothing is worse than websites that blend together in an endless noise. I strive for originality. So when you want your business to stand out, you can count on me.


Building websites is serious business fun. I mean come on, who doesn't like to have fun while creating something wonderful? Or isn't creating something wonderful fun in itself? 


I believe everyone deserves to be treated equally and with respect no matter their religious/political affiliation or sexual orientation. I strive to create a space that is both safe and secure for everyone.


What a cool word. Magnificence. But for real, I won't sign work unless it is magnificent.